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4 Signs You Need to Call Your Dentist Right Away

As you may know, visiting your dentist every six months is the recommended standard. Keeping your biannual appointment is very important to check for any problems and get your teeth professionally cleaned. What you may not realize is that there are certain signs that may necessitate a trip to your dentist’s office, or at the very least a call, before your appointment comes due. Some issues shouldn’t be put off and these are discussed below.


If you’ve ever noticed some blood on your toothbrush or in the sink after brushing, you’re not alone. You may have inadvertently brushed a little too hard or maybe you had a cold sore or small cut in your mouth. But if the bleeding is heavy or persistent, you need to let your dentist know.

It’s nothing to panic about, but bleeding from the mouth could indicate gum disease or other problems. Call your dentist’s office and tell them about the bleeding. They’ll let you know if you should make an appointment to come in earlier or if it can wait until your next scheduled cleaning.


Pain when you chew, brush, or just constant pain can all be signs of a dental problem. Tooth and gum sensitivity may be the results of gingivitis, cavities, or other oral issues. You should inform your dentist about this discomfort, especially if the pain is persistent or severe. They can help you with advice or products to help with the sensitivity.

Chipped, Loose, or Lost Teeth

Once your milk teeth have all fallen out, you shouldn’t be losing any more. Loose teeth as an adult are a symptom of decay or gum issues. Let your dentist know right away in order to preserve your teeth. It may still be possible to save a loose tooth and prevent the need for a prosthetic replacement.

A chipped tooth also needs to be promptly addressed by your dentist. It may be that the damage is only cosmetic – which your dentist will be able to correct – but depending on location and severity more serious treatment may be needed.

Of course, if you suffer an injury that causes loose or lost teeth, call your dentist right away. In the event of a lost tooth, pick the tooth up by the crown – not the root. Rinse it gently in water only then try to place it back into the socket. If this doesn’t work, place the tooth in cool water or milk. Again, be sure to call your dentist!

Oral Lesions

The oral mucosa, which is the lining of your mouth, is some of the fastest-healing tissue in your body. When you burn your mouth on hot pizza or coffee this mucosa typically heals in just a few days. But if you notice a lesion on your tongue, gums, or mouth that isn’t healing, you should notify your dentist. Non-healing oral lesions can be a sign of a systemic disease or even cancer. While oral cancer is not especially prevalent – 4,600 Canadians developed it in 2016 – it is still definitely something you don’t want to risk.

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