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Drinking water is the simplest way to assist in children’s dental health.

Slurpees. Ice cream. Roasted marshmallows. Summer is certainly sweet! Kids (and many adults) are drawn to sugar in summer like a moth to a flame. These treats enhance joy on hot, sunny days, but also ”enhance” the need for dental vigilance!

The simplest means of supplementing good dental health practices is to drink lots of water.

Dehydration Danger

Dehydration is just as harmful to your dental health as gallons of neon sugar water. In fact, not getting enough water can exacerbate existing dental problems (e.g. gum disease). Also, your body needs water to generate saliva and to keep your head-to-your-toes lubricated. That includes your gums and the inside of your mouth.

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Acidic Mouth?

Drinking water can aid in reducing acids lingering in your mouth. Sugar, in combination with helpful mouth bacteria, can produce acidic reactions (i.e. cavities). Your body is designed to combat this issue, though! Saliva helps mitigate acidic effects, but good hydration augments saliva’s mission. However, to generate proper levels of saliva your body needs water.

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Stinky Breath Syndrome

Bad breath can be a social nightmare for adults, yet kids often don’t seem to mind. However, when around kids with stinky breath… it matters to you! If you’re dehydrated and your mouth is engaged in a bacteria and sugar war, you need saliva. Saliva can only be generated when you are hydrated. Water doesn’t necessarily eliminate smelly mouth problems, but it helps rinse away some of its causes.

If you’re concerned about persistent bad breath, please get in touch with us today!

How to Help Kids Get It

Explaining how things work can help get your child on board with new plans. Sometimes we could all use a head start in crafting a creative way to express big ideas. Here are some simple starting points:

Dehydration – Water helps keep the whole-body functioning like a factory! If the “factory” is working well, it doesn’t need to stop its activities (i.e. play time).

Acidic Mouth – Water is the body’s secret weapon in the fight against things that hurt teeth and gums!

Bad Breath –Stinky breath means playtime is less fun for mom and dad, relatives, friends, other kids at the playground (you get the idea). Water is like a wave that helps kick bad breath bacteria out of the mouth!

Drinking water is the simplest way to enhance your dental health this summer. But it’s only one small part! For more summer dental health tips, get in touch today!

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