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Help for Low-Income Albertans

There are a variety of social programs offered by the Government of Alberta and other social programs to help low-income Albertans and those who may need support covering the cost of their dental care needs. Patients are always invited to discuss payment options with their dental team within the practice you visit. As health professionals, dentists are committed to caring for you and your health.

The team at North Central Dental understands that, while dental and whole mouth health is one of the most important and affecting care needs that every person has, not all families are equipped with the means to afford some of the costly yet important services that they need.

This is why the province has created a very comprehensive assistance program for low-income families, and why our team are happy to discuss options with all of our clients. A person should not feel intimidated by dental care, especially when they are in pain or at risk for other, more serious illnesses stemming from poor whole-mouth health.

Below is more information the Alberta Dental Association & College outlining available programs. You can also contact our office more more information on how we can help.


The Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) provides eligible Alberta residents with full coverage for medically necessary physician services, and some dental and oral surgical health services. Most residents of Alberta are already accessing this coverage through Alberta Health Services. New and returning residents of Alberta must apply for coverage.

The OMDS Program may provide funding for some high-cost dental services required in conjunction with an oral surgical procedure insured under the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan. This means Albertans may have access to funding that supports certain procedures such as: severe oral/facial conditions caused by birth defects, jaw abnormalities (tumors), major facial trauma or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. Benefits are limited to payment for services such as orthodontics, prosthodontics, dental implants and presurgical work-up fees. For more information on this program and whether or not your dental surgery is eligible speak to your dentists and/or dental team.

The Alberta Cancer Foundation raises funds in support of cancer research and prevention programs, and to enhance patient care at Alberta’s 17 cancer centres, including the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton and the Tom Baker Cancer Centre in Calgary.

If you are injured at work and need medical treatment, the Worker’s Compensation Board may be able to assist you throughout your recovery.

Catholic Social Services is one of the largest multi-functional social service agencies in Canada. They offer a variety of programs to assist families, seniors, children, and adults with disabilities.

This Government of Alberta program provides income, employment, disabilities and community-based supports, family violence prevention, and family & community support services. If you or other household members have coverage through another health benefits plan, you must use that plan first. The Alberta Adult/Child Health Benefit plan may cover your remaining costs. Talk to your dental team for more information.

Dental health programs are available through: Alberta Adult Health Benefit Alberta Child Health Benefit

The Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP) provides limited, temporary coverage of health-care benefits for specific groups of people in Canada who don’t have provincial, territorial, or private health-care coverage. These groups include: Resettled refugees, protected persons in Canada, refugee claimants, victims of human trafficking, and immigration detainees held under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

The Bigstone Health Commission supports Bigstone Cree Nation communities and covers some of the cost for medically justified products and services that are not covered by Provincial, Territorial or any other third-party Health Plans. Bigstone Health Benefits complements Alberta Health Care benefits such as Doctor’s visits and hospital services.

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