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Insightful Questions to Ask Your Dentist

Your relationship with your dentist involves more than their hands in your mouth. The impact your dentist has on your health can (and should!) extend beyond your time in the chair. Sometimes we forget we’re allowed to ask questions before (or after) the freezing wears off!

Have you ever wondered how to gain more insight into your oral hygiene beyond reminders to floss? Here are some insightful questions you can take to the chair, so you can bring your dentist’s acumen home.

“What specific products do you recommend for my situation?”

We’ve all seen commercials about the “#1 product(s) recommended by dentists.” What we might not ponder is that the commercial dentists are not your dentist. Unlike the TV dentists, your dentist is actively participating in your health. Therefore, they are better able to propose specific products for you.

Ask your dentist what you should buy to maintain their hygiene guidelines.

“What online resources do you recommend for learning about my dental issues?”

Today, everyone with a blog wants to be critic, expert, and “influencer” all-in-one. But when you Google your maladies, would you rather read facts, or opinions from people who may be, ironically, subtly selling something?

Your dentist has, probably, some level of investment in debunking common internet myths about mouth hygiene to patients. This means your dentist may already know the worst and best sites to use for research. There may be other resources like books or magazine articles they can recommend. All you need to do is ask!

“How might my dental health be impacting other aspects of my health?”

Sometimes, the compartmentalization of life impacts how we think about our health. This can have serious impacts on our overall wellness. However, we can mitigate or even eliminate some of the impacts when we harmonize our health goals.

Ask your dentist how your dental circumstances, or their efforts, might impact other aspects of your health. You may be surprised at the answers!

“How can I proactively prevent the issues I came to you for?”

It’s good practice to see your dentist for regular checkups and cleanings. At the same time, patients don’t want the stress of urgent care or manifold appointments. Proactive efforts help both patient and doctor!

Your dentist is acutely aware of your oral health and can see issues you may not. Ask them how you can stay on track to avoid unnecessary future dental work.

Oral health is extremely important, and everyone wants you to have the right outcome – especially your dentist. The first step is asking the right questions to be in sync with your dentist’s efforts. Get in touch with your dentist today and discover how much more they can help you in and out of the chair!

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