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Sometimes it can be challenging for dental patients to find important information from their dentist in one convenient location. You may have to surf through an entire website to find just one small tidbit of information.

There’s a wealth of information available on the North Central Dental website for our patients. Below you’ll find a handy list of some of our featured blog posts.

Periodontal Care


“Periodontal care is just as important as care for your teeth. The word periodontal means “around the teeth,” and usually refers to the gums.”

How to Care for Your Enamel


“If your enamel is damaged, there are various procedures your dentist can do to replace lost enamel, like fill cavities or build a crown around the tooth.”

Everything You Need to Know about Flossing


“You’re not alone if you’ve avoided flossing for a while. Many people decide to forgo flossing in the hopes that twice daily brushing will be sufficient. Unfortunately, it’s not.”

When Do You Need a Crown?


“Crowns are among the most common dental restorations, but when are they necessary? We’ll cover all of the likely reasons you might need a crown…”

Tooth Loss – What are Your Options?


“While some patients are embarrassed about tooth loss, remember that you do have several options for replacement. Speak with your dentist and decide together which choice is right for you.”

The Invisalign Alternative


“Invisalign contains no metal components, only transparent polymer material. Therefore, these aligners are practically invisible when worn.”

All about Wisdom Teeth Extraction


“Not all wisdom teeth have to be removed, although it’s usually the case that wisdom teeth need to be extracted due to crowding. Since you already have all your adult teeth, there is often no room for your wisdom teeth to erupt, or break through the gums.”

Temporomandilbular Joint (TMJ)


“TMJ disorder or TMD is a group of disorders that consist of myofascial pain, internal derangement of the joint, and/or inflammation of the joint in the form of arthritis.”

What’s the Point of Dental X-rays?


“The fact is that dental x-rays, or radiographs, are an invaluable tool for catching and diagnosing many types of dental problems.”

How to Avoid Bad Breath


“Unfortunately, due to the way our sense of smell functions, it’s not always easy to tell if you have bad breath yourself, although it’s very apparent if someone near us is suffering from it.”

Do you have any questions for your dentist? Are you looking for a new dentist and think North Central Dental may be able to help? Or would you like to schedule an appointment? Reach out to us today! Our professionals are ready to help you in all your dental needs.

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