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The Invisalign Alternative

Do you hate the idea of wearing metal braces but want straighter teeth or a correct bite? Invisalign might be the alternative you have been looking for. Traditional metallic braces often do a great job of straightening teeth and aligning bites, but they have many drawbacks. The Invisalign aligner system overcomes many of these problems.

Social Embarrassment

The teenage years can be fraught with self-confidence issues and struggling to fit it. As such, many teens dread the idea of braces. They have concerns about the appearance and the possible stigma of metal braces.

Similar issues hold true even for adults. Many adults could use orthodontic correction for a straighter or more attractive smile, but some grown-ups fear that braces may cause them to appear young, immature, or just plain silly. Invisalign offers a discreet alternative to conspicuous metal braces for both adults and teenagers.

Invisalign contains no metal components, only transparent polymer material. Therefore, these aligners are practically invisible when worn. People will only see your teeth, and most will not even realise you’re wearing an aligner unless you tell them. Invisalign allows for complete privacy.


It is no secret that braces can be uncomfortable, especially when you first receive them. You may notice that your gums, cheeks, and lips are sore for the first week or so. Salt water rinses can help, but braces still need to be adjusted periodically, and this can provoke further discomfort.

On the other hand, most patients report finding Invisalign much more comfortable than old-fashioned metal braces. About every two to five weeks, you’ll receive a new aligner. There is no tightening of wires or brackets and no metal pieces to poke or scrape your mouth.


When compared to traditional braces, Invisalign really shines in the convenience department. With braces, you must take a lot of time to brush and floss meticulously. But you can simply remove your Invisalign aligner for oral hygiene.

Invisalign is also removable for eating, so there is no need to worry about spinach hanging from your wires. Additionally, you can easily take out your aligner when playing rough sports like football or hockey and wear a sports mouthguard in its place.

While Invisalign can be a convenient and comfortable choice, the system is not right for everyone. Invisalign will not correct all orthodontic conditions, and braces or other appliances may be more appropriate for your situation. Sometimes, patients need a combination of treatment with Invisalign and braces at different times. Talk to your dentist at North Central Dental for more information.

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