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You Can’t Stop Time…

Winter stands at our doorstep and there’s nothing we can do about it! And after that comes Spring, then Summer, then Fall, and before you can put on your winter coat it’s been five years and you’re noticeably older.

As one famous scholar quipped, “Time Marches on. We either join the parade or go to the rodeo.”

Time does indeed seem to march on at a relentless pace – how we respond to that march that determines how life goes. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your taste for such events), most things in life rarely feel like a parade or a rodeo. So, let’s talk about the days that don’t so much “march” as “crawl.” There are small changes you can make, today, to improve and maintain your dental health over time.

Never underestimate your dentist’s advice

Whether it’s your first visit or you’re an avid advocate for the clinic, your dentist has insight to share. When you ask questions, your dentist can help focus your inquiries to get to root issues.

Sometimes a “sore tooth” isn’t just because you ate corn nuts at an office party. Perhaps a “clicking jaw” is a bigger deal than you realized. Your dentist may assign specific hygiene practices that, over time, begin to alleviate some issues. Or, maybe there’s a need for a specialist (like an orthodontist). The care plan your dentist can provide will net big results through patient, “baby steps” over time.

Ask your dentist what you can do, today, to start preparing for next year’s office corn nut buffet!

Don’t neglect nutrition

Your gums are a vital component of oral and dental health and require a variety of different vitamins in order to stay healthy and strong. Does that mean you need to start chomping down multi-vitamins? Not necessarily. It’s possible you just need to eat more oranges (vitamin C), eggs (vitamin B-12), asparagus (vitamin E), and carrots (vitamin A).

Ask your dentist about nutrition and diet. They may be able to recognize dietary deficiencies that you can mitigate with simple diet changes. But don’t get mad when your dentist recommends cutting out sugary juices and sodas! You already knew that was coming.

Enjoy the parades and rodeos

Lastly: enjoy life!

You are visiting the dentist to improve your quality of life by improving your dental health. As time marches on, as your health improves, follow the scholar’s advice – join the parade! You’ve spent time probing your dentist for insight and you now enjoy the benefits of a more focused nutrition plan.

Don’t forget that it’s all to participate in life the way you desire.

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